At Interclub events you can have your own unique race number.


This is a FREE service to help keep numbering cars easy for both competitors and organisers.  


Interclub Memberships

The number list that currently exists has registered numbers for members of AROCA, WRX, SSCC and RTDC. If you are not a member of one of these clubs you will not be able to register a number to be allocated to you. (This does not mean that you can’t compete) It is also important that when participating at Interclub events that you are entered in under one of these clubs because, when the results from Natsoft are filtered to review Interclub participants, all other clubs are removed from the results to update the Interclub number list. 

Number expiry dates 

Number allocations have an expiry for all Interclub participants. This expiry date is two (2) calendar years from the last event that it was used by the allocated number holder. 
e.g. March 12th 2017 Event.
Valid 2017, 2018, 2019 Expiry January 2020. 

The expiry date will be listed as January but will extend to the first Interclub round of the 4th calendar year. After this time the allocated number will become available to be requested by any active member of one of the Interclub clubs. This expiry date is to encourage the participation at the Interclub rounds to maintain the number allocations. The length of time that has been chosen allows for rebuilding cars or acquiring new vehicles so that the allocated number isn’t simply forfeited. 


Click on the Race Numbers Tab to register your number